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About us

Brandcasting is based in the amazing city of London. We specialise in acquiring premium descriptive domain names for clients. With over 12 years experience working with premium domains, we have developed an expertise to help clients identify, acquire and maximise the value of, and return on investment from premium descriptive domain names.

If you are looking to become the market leader in your business sector and need to acquire a premium domain or if you own premium domains and are looking to sell, lease or maximise the income from your domains please contact our London office:

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Articles & research

As customers move online the high street is becoming a commercial back street and a new breed of company is dominating the new online high street where customers flock to purchase everything from high heels to hotels. Brandcasting help companies dominate their chosen business category online. In the old economy it was location, location, location and this is something that has not changed. This time though the location is the domain name behind which the business is developed.

If you want to dominate hotel booking is Sofia – build your business around Customers will type it in instinctively. No one will ever forget your domain name. Search engines will love you and you will be assumed to be the market leader.

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Brandcasting news

What’s new in the world of premium descriptive domains? The latest Brandcasting acquisitions. New SEO domain developments. The Brandcasting blog provides our latest observations, industry trends and showcases the latest acquisition opportunities.

Here we provide articles, research, case studies and the latest news relating to the world on virtual real-estate – the world of premium descriptive domains.

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